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We, Natural Eyes Inc., will protect the personal information of our customers (

To use and browse our website, we will not take your address, name, phone number or any personally identifiable information.
However, you will have to register that infomation when you use following services:

-In case you want to receive information email

This service is free, though you may be charged for data usage.

We will use your email address information or other personally identifiable information when we reply to you, but not for other purposes.
We and our website management companies will store your personally identifiable information with proper responsibility and improve our website with the information.
We choose the website management companies carefully and make them comply the same way to manage personal information.
If we have to release the personally identifiable information because of the law or following reasons, we will release them without permission.
Even in this case, we will not use the information for any other purpose.

-when official association requires us or website management companies to show the information

-To protect the right or property of customers or our employees

-In emargency case of threatening customers or our employees physically

The management of personally identifiable information would be ameliorated suitably. We would modify our privacy policy to improve.
In the case, we will post a visible notification on this website.

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