Concept | Eyelash More, the eyelash extension salon in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Ginza

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新宿・池袋・銀座のマツエク専門サロン アイラッシュモアのコンセプトについてお伝えします。

Beautiful eyes for all women...

For us, Natural Eyes Inc., handing down the forefront of eye beauty and knowledge to people as much as we can is the mission and concept.

Trends can change fast. Being the standard is the most important for us to stay in this industry.

Therefore, our most important concept is "Fast beauty"; we would love everyone to enjoy having eyelash extension casually, and at low cost.

We will be a salon which can respond trends everytime, with our concept "Fast beauty"!

Our 4 concepts

Concept 1

Considerate prices

We don't want the price to be too expensive because of fussing over quality. Not only to serve more people but also to serve more time to many people, we consider price a lot and want customers to enjoy our service more casually.


Safe and hygienic

Customers are treated safely and hygienically. We strictly manage safety and hygiene, not only by sterilization and disinfection of our tools, but also through staff technical training.

Concept 3


To treat the eyes, which are a very sensitive part of your body, we check the products ourselves and select only the best.

Concept 4

Quality and speed

We care about the treatment quality and speed.

The reason of our cost performance


Why are eyelashes in Eyelash More cheaper than other salons?

The secret is we "cut wasting costs".In order for eyelash extensions to be more casual, we cut the wasting costs off and up the quality with the price as cheap as we possibly.

Why sable furs are that cheap at this salon?

Because we contracted with factory directly and do development by ourselves, we can serve the soft premium sable fur eyelash extension with this price.

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