Cancellation policy | Eyelash More, the eyelash extension salon in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Ginza

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Since it can trouble other customers, we basically don't accept cancels. However, if you need to cancel your reservation, please tell us before 6pm 2 days before.

*eg) Your reservation: 9/10 -> Before 6pm on 9/8

In this case, the cancellation and rescheduling is free, but if we don't get any notification from you, you'll get charged like below:

●Canceling without notification - 100% of your treatment fee
●Canceling up to one day before - 50% of your treatment fee

○If you're late

If you arrive late, we'll charge you 100% of cost even though we did less treatment.If you're over 15min late, we'll treat if we can but it will be considered a cancellation without notification if we can't treat you.

In case you cancel, change or be late twice or more, you will be restricted to same-day booking. You'll pay the cancellation/ changing fee on the next time you come to the salon.

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