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Our Promise

We do following things you to take our service comfortably.

Effort 1

As infection prevention, our staffs wash fingers to wrists with designated soap for 60 seconds. Also, after drying hands, they sterilize with alcohol as well.

Effort 2

We sterilize tweezers every after treatments.

Effort 3

We sterilize places or parts that people touch quite often like door knobs or bathrooms.

Effort 4

All salon branches are enrolled health center and they are managed by beautician managers. Also, staffs who do treatment have a license of beautician.

Effort 5

We keep humidity between 50-60%(in summer) or 45-60%(in winter) to prevent bacterias' breeding.

Effort 6

We adjust room temperature as well.

Effort 7

There is a sanitation management administrator, who have taken the specific education, every single salon branch and they organize sanitation management manual and execute it under their responsibility. Also, all of our staffs are required to have specific knowledge about eyelash extension.

Effort 8

We install air cleaner and humidifier.

Effort 9

Free repair warranty is available. If you aren't satisfied with our treatment, please call us in one day.

Effort 10

We have a customer call center. We will improve our service by your opinion.

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