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新宿・池袋・銀座のマツエク専門サロン アイラッシュモアのアートギャラリーです。

Eyelash extension gallery

This is our eyelash extension gallery.
Various types are available to match on you.


マツエク ナチュラルデザイン

It's the type of the eyelash which makes use of your originaleyelash. It is recommended to peole who take eyelash extension for the first time or prefer natural style.

This eyelash is treated by the same lengs. Depends on the original eyelash's lengths, 1mm shoter eyelash can be used on inner corner of your eyes.

It is recommended for...

simple coating liking, job hunting, new employee or working in strict rule office people.


マツエク キュートデザイン

It emphasizes roundaness of your eyes since approximately 1mm longer eyelash extension will be treated around your irises compare to inner corners and outer corners.

It is recommended for...

wanting to emphasize cuteness, pretty coating liking or wantinng charm and cuteness because of job like customer service retail.


マツエク セクシーデザイン

It'll emphasize your eyes' length of width with longer estention on the outer corner of your eyes.the eyelash extension will be longer in order inner corner, middle and outer corner.

It is recommended for...

Wedding, or party attending, mannish coating liking

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