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Caring for your eyelash extensions


On the first day

Our eyelash estension's curing is faster, though please wait face wash or shower for at least 2 hours, or as much as you could.

In your daily life

Because eyelash extensions can tangle in fabric easily, please use cotton or towels on your eyes carefully.

If your eyelash extensions get bent, use a cold hair dryer from the bottom when your eyelash gets wet like after face washing or shower.

Please be careful not to put stress on your eyelash extensions for a long time (eg: sleeping in the prone). They will be bent permanently.

When doing makeup

Eyelash curlers (hot or cold) shouldn't be used since they can hurt your eyelash extension.

When you use eyeliner, please avoid filling between your eyelashes (you'll put stress your eyelashes when you take it off).

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